Vegan-powered wellness with a purpose.

Our mission is to support veganish people, so we can all live our chosen life. In a world full of options, noise, labels, and clutter, we’re here to simplify.

Our values speak volumes about who we are.

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    Made with veganish in mind.

    We provide vegans, vegetarians and plant-based people with the essentials they need to live life at full strength, no matter where you are on your journey.

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    Simple and transparent.

    We’re uncomplicated and upfront about what’s in our products. Straight-forward is our middle name.

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    We’re intentional about the choices we make and the impact we have. We strive to create the best products for you and the planet.

Letter from Our Founder

Lisa Gonzalez-Turner, Founder of holier.

Hi there!

I want to welcome you to holier. We’re here to simplify what it means to be veganish because whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or mostly plant-based, it’s not complicated. But when you’re staring down a menu, it can feel that way.

I get it. I’ve also felt like as a proud vegan, there’s never been a brand that fully got me and made my life easier. So I created holier. Because I’m vegan, not complicated. Neither are you. We believe diets, dogma, and diatribes are dated and we know vegans, vegetarian and plant-based people share some similar needs.

So, no matter how you self-define, I want you to think of us as your daily ally in all things veganish. No, we can’t turn water into oat milk. But we will deliver the essentials you need, starting with our kind of multivitamin.

Have questions about our products, my story, or the best place for veganish curry? Ask us. We’re here to make things holier for all of us veganish, not complicated people.

- Lisa Gonzalez-Turner

Living veganish just got easier… and a little more fun.

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